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MKT Transport Media is the culmination of many years of travelling, photographing and exploring. It consists of some of the photography and videos from the trips I do, spanning railways, aircraft, buses and various other forms of transport, along with infrastructure and scenery, together with a blog giving thoughts on recent trips and transport news and some maps and diagrams I have produced for the site.
MKT Transport Media is a growing project with lots of investment and new initiatives planned for the future. Chief among these is the ongoing acquisition of new equipment as MKT grows into a business, including new cameras and video equipment, editing software and internet tools. As the project grows so too can the scope of the trips and the material provided, with more international trips and visits to a wider range of UK destinations planned for 2016 and beyond.

DSC02166About Me

I started doing trips in 2008 with modest journeys around rural Buckinghamshire and have since traveled to hundreds of towns and cities across the UK and beyond, using trains, buses, coaches, aircraft, ferries and more. I took the decision in early 2015 to turn this hobby into a viable business and MKT Transport Media is the gradual implementation of that project. Outside of transport and travel I have strong interests in writing, music, science and politics, along with smaller interests in history, linguistics, economics and a number of other areas.

If you would like to get in touch, please send an email to info@mkttransport.co.uk